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One practical problem is that communications technologies themselves are documented to a far lesser extent or are far less accessible than their contents vide the manner in which the intelligence services have remained, despite their frequently decisive role in wars to quote the last head of the Wehrmacht intelligence service, “the Cinderella of military-historical research” 1


Friedrich Kittler’s Technosublime – Bruce Clarke

My point is that the multiplicity of the concept of “media” extends beyond its particular technological instantiations to include both scientific and spiritualistic registers. A history of media could concern itself as well with the luminiferous ether and the Anima Mundi, the subtle fluids and strange angels that intermingled with the departed souls and trick shots of phonography and cinema; but for the most part, Kittler displaces this business to premodernist media.

via Friedrich Kittler’s Technosublime – Bruce Clarke.